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Land memories
To understand territories require a keen sense for detail and to delve into the past. Our philosophy is to promote the culture of the region and to enjoy its specificity derived from a diversity of tastes. Close to the vineyard is an ancient Roman bridge called the Annibale Bridge where Hannibal is known to have led his warrior elephants. This noble beast is closely associated with memory and is an iconic image of a great journey through this land.
This land conjures memories of a distant past.
A land known to my people simply as Mother Earth;
whose inhabitants called the Enotrians or “wine people” poured the nectar of the gods to toast the winners of the Olympic Games and salute the warriors of Sybaris and Crotona.
Their wines resided in the refectories of Emperors and Popes.
Today, the wine of Calabria flows on as an expression of our warm, enriching sun.

Paolo Chirillo, production and local marketing