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Culture is what remains in the memory when everything is forgotten.
Burrhus F. Skinner
Le Moire Vineyards are located approximately 400m above sea level on terraces that slope gently down to the river Savuto.  They are surrounded by forests that help protect the local ecosystem that winds through the valley.  Blessed by geography, we safeguard the health of the vines and seek a sense of harmony that intensifies the flavours of the land.  The prevailing exposure to the evening sun from the South-West slows the maturity and ripening of the grapes and mitigates the harshness typical of southern wines.

Millennia of experience in grape cultivation in Calabria have established an ideal plant density of at least eight thousand plants per hectare. Such high plant density, together with low-vigor rootstock, naturally limits the fruit on each vine and results in select, sweetly perfumed and healthy grapes. Manual plant management from winter pruning through to harvest ensures the safety of plants and the best quality grapes.

Hand-picked grapes are carefully selected, softly pressed and left to ferment at a controlled temperature to preserve the typicality and fragrance of the fully-ripened fruit.